Spa Policy Q & A

A late arrival may require a reduced appointment time, at scheduled price, with respect to the clients that are scheduled after you.

Can I get a refund if I'm not happy with my service or spa technician?

There are no refunds for services rendered. However, we will happily reschedule you for a new appointment for a complimentary fix. Please let us know before you leave our spa. 

My nails chipped/lifted/broke and I just got them done. Do I have to pay to get a fix?

All services are guaranteed for 24 hours. Please let us know within 24 hours for a complimentary fix. We will gladly schedule you in!

Oh no! We just finished painting my nails and I don't think this works for my skin tone/outfit. I really can't stand this color! Can I change my color?

Of course! We completely understand that occasionally a color will not work but we value our nail technicians time and our supply cost. If you are not happy and would like a new color applied, there will be a polish change charge for a new color application.

What happens if I'm late to my appointment?

Please call us! We love our clients and value everyone's time. We will do our best to accommodate you with the time we have left. Or we can happily reschedule you. Our staff at chicness are trained to provide quality service. In order for this to stand true, a late arrival may require a reduced appointment time, at scheduled price, with respect to the clients that are scheduled after you. We do not budget extra time for lateness. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time so that we may start your appointment on time or even early.


How many guests can you accommodate?

chicness nails can accommodate up to 6 guests simultaneously. Depending on the number of nail technicians available, we are able to schedule multiple rounds to service your party. 

Will there be any other customers at the spa during our party? 

Depending on the number of guest and service hours, we will only cater to you and focus on your special day based on the package your choose!

Can I bring in food and decorations?

Yes, you're welcome to can bring trays of food/drinks and d├ęcor. Please let us know if you plan to do so. As long as you clean up after, celebrate away! 

After Hours - Offsite Events & Private Parties

We can help you put together the most fabulous client appreciation party or private party ! We can customize spa gift bags, party platters, open bar, on-site DJ and plan the spa party of the year for you and your guest! After hour and off-site private parties are available! Let's plan the perfect spa party!

Now I'm ready to book my party, what's next?

Ok! Lets get you scheduled. We will block out your party time and you have the spa to yourself based on number of guest attending and services requested. Please arrive 5 minutes prior to appointment time. We value our clients time and wish to fully accommodate their treatment time. We do not budget extra time for lateness. 50% deposit require for all group parties.  We require 72 hours notice to cancel for a full refund.