Classic Pedicure $32

Himalayan Sea Salt Soak + trim shape nails + cuticle care + heel scrub + exfoliant scrub + essential oil lotion massage + choice of polish

Gel Pedicure (dry under LED light) $50


Classic pedicure + callous serum treatment + your choice of gel polish (immediate dry!)

Chicness Pedicure $55

odor reducing detox sea salt soak + pedicure + callous treatment + glowing sugar scrub + mineral foot mask + warm towel wrap + 15 minute leg & foot massage 

Our Essential pedicure will truly pamper your tired feet! Smooth out those callouses, exfoliate away all that odor causing dead skin that harbor bacteria, followed by a mineral mask to calm your new skin. Finished with an amazing massage from leg to toes! Ahhhmazing! Hello  new,  soft,  glowy skin!