Manicure Services

Classic Manicure  $22

warm Himalayan Rose sea salt/Vitamin C soak + trim + shape nails + cuticle care + essential oil lotion arm and hand massage  + your choice of polish 

This manicure will get you going for any event!

Signature Nail System DIP POWDER

Basic SNS Fullset  - $45 +

2 color Ombre or French $65 +

SNS Single Nail Fix $8 per nail

Add on $5 for each request: Nail Tip Extension  . Cuticle Clean Up . Take Off . Shape Request (round/coffin/stiletto/ballerina)

3 or more rotating/pattern color

Gel Manicure on Naked Nails $35 

 Gel Manicure with removal $40

manicure + gel polish that last 2 weeks!

Use your hands often for cleaning? Baby care? Cooking? Busy work life? or have brittle soft nails? This gel manicure will keep your polish looking shiny and fresh for 2 weeks and help nail growth! 

Chicness Manicure  $35

manicure + choice of gentle exfoliating scrub or paraffin treatment  + massage and your choice of polish 

Perfect for dry skin, cracked cuticles and consistent hang nails! 

French Girl Organics Manicure $45

all your manicure needs + french girl organics sea polish exfoliating scrub for the hands.

French Girl Sea Polish exfoliating sea salt was harvested from a natural salt pond in Gruende France.  Keep your hands looking youthful and radiant with this amazing scrub!