Our Story

clean . honest . natural . nail care 

chicness nails

At chicness nails, we offer clean, honest, natural care for your skin. Your skin is the largest organ that you have. So, you want to take care of it. Here at chicness, we are obsessed with finding the absolute best ingredients for our clients. We use 100% pure healthy organic and natural products. Our scrubs, lotions and mask are sourced from real plants and fruit extracts. Our skin care line is free from artificial, synthetic and toxic ingredients. Our products are full of antioxidants and healing properties that will stimulate new cell growth and give your skin a soft glowy feel.  

Our Story

We started chicness because I love getting manicures and pedicures. I'm a full time mom, part time entrepreneur and found my passion for philanthropy in 2016. I love my life but my "me time" is so important. Except, I couldn't find a nail spa that offered clean, honest products on my skin (without rushing me out!) that was affordable enough. My biggest concern was the ingredients in the products and the worries of cross contamination always sat on the back of my mind. So, I thought where can I find a chic, FRIENDLY, HAPPY,  clean, honest nail spa that's affordable to tired working woman and full time moms without paying the high price to get rushed out. 

So, chicness happened!  I truly hope we can cater to your needs, make it your sanctuary, a wo-moms cave (mini getaway for an hour!) kind of place. And pamper you with organic non toxic products to help bring out your skin's natural, radiant glow (without rushing you out like a flock of birds of course!).